Technical Editing

Sustainability and Cumulative Effects Management Frameworks

Development of environmental management frameworks is a lengthy process involving stakeholders from a variety of sectors including government, industry, municipalities, ENGOs, and the public. Bringing together all of the input from these various sectors and presenting it in logical fashion with a single narrative voice is the job the technical editor. Much of this developmental editing requires substantial rewriting of original and collaboratively developed materials.

Sample documents for which Nancy was developmental editor and/or principal writer

Final Reports For Alberta Education

Book Editing

Nancy has a strong foundational background in the educational publishing field, having authored three student texts, and rewritten and edited scores of other student text and teacher resource guides for publishers such as Oxford University Press, Nelson Thomson, Pearson, and McGraw-Hill.

Sample Educational Titles:

  • Perspectives on Nationalism. 2008. Oxford University Press
  • Perspectives on Ideology. 2008. Oxford University Press
  • Japan, its People and Culture. 1997. Reidmore Books (RB)
  • Global Forces of the Twentieth Century. 1991. RB
  • Canadian Connections. 1991. RB
  • The Search for a New Homeland : Polish and German-speaking Canadians. 1990. RB
  • Canadians Responding to Change. 1990. RB
  • Brazil, Land of Contrasts.1989. RB
  • The Black Canadians. 1989. RB

Native Education Project K-12 Social Studies Materials:

  • Billy’s World. 1989. RB
  • Alberta’s Metis: People of the Western Prairie. 1988. RB
  • Sarcee Reserve, an Indian Community. 1988. RB
  • The Winds of Change: Indian Government. 1988. RB

Teacher’s Resources:

The many teachers’ resources Nancy has prepared for educational publishers contain a variety of teaching and learning strategies to reach the many different learning styles in the classroom. Some of these resources include:

  • Sightlines 7, 8, 9 Anthology and Teacher’s Resources. 1999. Prentice Hall
  • Echoes 11 and 12 Anthology and Teacher’s Resources. 2002. Oxford University Press
  • Literature and Media 9, and Literature and Media 10 Teacher’s Guides. 2002. Nelson Thomson Learning Inc.

Sample Trade Titles:

  • Amazing Oilers. 2005. Altitude Publishing
  • Amazing Coaches. 2005. Altitude Publishing
  • Amazing Broadway. 2005. Altitude Publishing
  • Great Left Wingers. 2005. Altitude Publishing
  • Great Right Wingers from Hockey’s Golden Age. 2005. Altitude Publishing
  • Strange Events II. 2004. Altitude Publishing
  • Far From Home: Women Explorers in the Mountains. 2003. Altitude Publishing
  • No Escape: My Young Years Under Hitler’s Shadow. 2003. Koch Publishing
  • Princess Daisy of Pless, a Biography. 2002. Koch Publishing
  • Giving Up Poetry: With Allen Ginsberg at Hollyhock. 2001. Banff Centre Press
  • Yes! You Can Have Your Cake and Eat it Too: Everything You Need to Know to Retire in Style. 1999. Global Learning Enterprises

Scholarly Titles:

Nancy has edited numerous books for scholarly presses, which require meticulous work on footnotes, end notes and bibliographies. Clients have included the University of Calgary Press, the Banff Centre Press and Athabasca University Press. For the latter, she edited the manuscript and over 30 pages of bibliography on Liberalism, Surveillance, and Resistance: Indigenous Communities in Western Canada, 1877 – 1927, by Keith Smith.


  • APEIRON: A Journal of Ancient Philosophy and Science. 1997–2000. Academic Printing and Publishing
  • Philosophy in Review. 1997–2000. Academic Printing and Publishing
  • The Canadian Journal of Philosophy. 1997–2000. Academic Printing and Publishing
  • Canadian Philosophical Reviews. 1997–2000. Academic Printing and Publishing

Applying Style Guides as Appropriate

At Bronze Horse, we are comfortable with The Chicago Manual of Style, CP Stylebook, MLA Style Manual and the APA style guide, and with using or preparing style guides as needed.