Teaching & Learning Resources


Teaching and Learning Strategies

Reading levels, curricular requirements, public and school policy, and learning objectives must be tailored to each audience’s needs. In the 28 years of experience on which Bronze Horse is founded, Nancy has developed and produced numerous print and web-based learning resources, including the three books below.

Print Resources


Adventurous Albertans: Women and Men Who Built This Province. 1993. Plains Publishing.
A grade 4 social studies resource.


Supporting Positive Behaviour, a CCS 3050 Resource, Career and Technology Studies. 2012.
Developed for Edmonton Public Schools.


Reading the Runes: Teaching Strategies to Improve Literacy in High School Math and Science. 2006.
Developed for Edmonton Public Schools

Teacher’s Resources

The many teachers’ resources Nancy prepared for educational publishers contain a variety of teaching and learning strategies to reach the many different learning styles in the classroom. Some of these resources include:

  • Oxford University Press (2000 – 2008): Echoes 11 and 12 Anthology and Teacher’s Resources
  • Nelson Thomson Learning Inc. (2000): Literature and Media 9, and Literature and Media 10 Teacher’s Guides
  • Prentice Hall (1999): Sightlines 7, 8, 9 Anthology and Teacher’s Resources

Web Resources

Proposal Writing
Developed for the Canadian Farm Writer’s Federation (February 2014)

Ghosts in the Museum, a Musée de Civilization project of archived documents in their respective historical contexts with a ghostly script and virtual visits (2006)

Resources Developed for Alberta Education

Resources Developed for the Alberta Alcohol & Drug Abuse Commission

  • Families in Recovery Parenting Program Facilitator’s Manual and Workshop Guide
  • Spirituality Toolkit
  • Seniors Toolkit
  • Get Into It!, The AADAC School Strategy
  • AADAC’s Youth Framework
  • An Update of the Best and Promising Addiction Treatment Practices for 2002/2003
  • Exploring the Treatment Implications of the Integration of Gamblers With Substance Abusing Population:  A Research Review
  • The Effectiveness of Online Counselling and Reaching Self-Changers/Self-Healers:  A Research Review (June 2003).
  • AADAC’s Guide to Developing A School Substance Abuse and Gambling Policy:  A Best Practices Approach (approx. 15,000 words)