Professional Writing


Nancy Mackenzie forged Bronze Horse Communications on skills developed over 15 years of producing a broad range of print and web-based communication materials, and a decade of working in the book publishing industry before that. At Bronze Horse we understand that documents have to be tailored according to specific purposes and audiences, and that concepts, though often technical in nature, must be presented in plain language. The following provides a sample of some of the experience Nancy brings to Bronze Horse in developing environmental management frameworks, manuals, fact sheets, booklets, guides, and much more.

Environmental Management Frameworks

Nancy has extensive experience working with government secretariats to build multi-stakeholder partnerships for the collaborative development of management frameworks, inquiry reports, stakeholder engagement materials and advice-to-the-minister reports. Nancy also co-wrote the video scripts for two videos related to Alberta Environment’s Water Allocation Review.

Nancy is the principal writer and technical editor on a number of environmental management frameworks. Some are listed here, and others under the Technical Editing Tab.

Documents for Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

Discussion Guides and Final Reports

Documents for Alberta Justice and Solicitor General

  • Grow-op Free Alberta Initiative: Discussion Guide. 2013–2014
  • Grow-op Free Alberta Initiative: What Was Heard from Public and Stakeholder Consultation. 2013–2014
  • Grow-op Free Alberta Initiative: Final Report and Recommendations. 2013–2014

Document for the Legislative Assembly of Alberta

  • Report of the Select Special Conflicts of Interest Act Review Committee. 2006

Agriculture and Rural Development

Nancy worked with Alberta Agriculture throughout the BSE crisis and has worked on drought-risk materials as well as traceability and agricultural policy framework documents, including the following:

  • Traceability Fact Sheets: Maximizing Ear Tag Retention and Readability; Feedlot Movement Requirements; Overcoming Challenges with RFID Ear Tag Readability. 2010
  • Agriculture Drought Risk Management Plan. 2009
  • Agricultural Policy Framework Province of Alberta and Federal Programs, Strategies and Initiatives Information for Producers. 2006
  • Report to Albertans on the Agricultural Policy Framework 2003-2006

Education and Human Services

Nancy has prepared for materials for educational publishers, Alberta Education, the Alberta Children and Youth Initiative, and the Alberta Alcohol & Drug Abuse Commission, about abuse and bullying, family violence, children at risk, the Provincial Protocol Framework (Success for Children and Youth in Care), special needs such as disabilities and fetal alcohol syndrome, safe communities, aboriginal issues, and career planning.

  • Please see Teaching and Learning Resources for a list of publications.

Conducting Environmental Scans, Literature Reviews, or Annotated Bibliographies

For Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development’s Water Allocation Review, Nancy was asked to provide a literature review, which is included in the Alberta Water Allocation System Review Conceptual Phase Report (2009).

Nancy edited, and co-wrote Alberta Education’s Setting the Direction for Special Education Literature Review (2009).

Nancy researched and wrote the annotated bibliography for Alberta Education’s Index on Inclusion.

Researching and Writing Articles for Publication

Nancy has researched and written a number of articles for Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development’s Envision publication, Alberta Agriculture’s Agri-News, Pony Express and Ropin’ the Web website. Nancy was a Senior Researcher/Writer for the Heritage Community Foundation’s Celebrating a Century of Achievement website, which presents 100 years of the University of Alberta in web format (2006–2007).