A few weeks ago Graeme Connell sent me this photo. In it, he is holding the first printed copy of his inspirational novel, Uncharted. It was my pleasure to edit Graeme’s novel about a man searching for life’s meaning after his wife dies in a random traffic accident. The search is as tenacious and as precious as a man’s search for the elusive coralroot in Fish Creek Park, which would, when found, complete his wife’s oeuvre of wildflowers. Imagine my delight when I opened an Express Post envelope to find my very own copy of Uncharted, and out fell its accompanying Uncovered: A Pictorial Companion to Uncharted. This guide to wildflowers is a living extension of the novel’s inspirational message.

For more information about Graeme’s work, please visit his website at www.graemeconnell.com.graeme-w-book